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Tenegen kursumuzu 21. Eğitime geçit olarak açtık!
Bu kurs, Leonardo da Vinci programı tarafından desteklenen Tenegen projesinin bir parçasıdır.
Lütfen, bunun bir pilot kurs olduğunu, ortamın ve içeriğin değişebileceğini gözönünde bulundurunuz!

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A short, one-week pilot course for European teachers in English language about a web 2.0 tool, the so called concept map.


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The collection of small/large, open, electronic learning objects. You are pleased to add new LO's.

We can read a lot of expressions, abbreviations in the field of e-learning. Their knowledge is essential to find your way in the topic. The glossary collects all these expressions and in addition defines the related pedagogical, information technological concepts. It's flaring continually, we're waiting for your ideas.

Some of the games are based on these expressions, use them instead of solitaire.

web 2.0 araçları için video tutorials

Moodle blogs

Open forum about the perspectives of education in XXIst century for guests, too.
The chat room for participants online - don't feel alone!

Learning guide - The content will be growing as we hope

Field of trials and experiments